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Regeneration Palo Alto

My mural in Palo Alto, Cycles of Regeneration, is inspired by the resilience of the iconic California poppies, which can survive in the harshest conditions and are some of the first flowers to return after wildfires. I transformed my photographs using code that my wife, Kerry Rodden (a programmer and data scientist) created.


An augmented reality app, with the same name, developed by technologist and artist Phil Spitler, invites viewers to experience the mural in space and time, using programmatic manipulations that evoke the movements of fire, air, and water. Rooted in environmental urgency, this mural also communicates the power of nature to heal and inspire.

The mural is installed at 422 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA. 

Click here for instructions to download the Cycles of Regeneration augmented reality app which can be used independently from the mural.

App design and visual effects: Phil Spitler | Sound: Conner Jones | JavaScript programming: Kerry Rodden

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