From Gowanus to Hunters Point

I began documenting the Gowanus Canal through photographs and video, as I was attracted to the ever-changing and seductive water surface. I started digging deeper into the story and science behind this psychedelic water, including its history and transformation through pollutants, and I became deeply interested in forming an art and research project around this site.


I am collaborating with Brooklyn-based artist and fabricator, Andrew Tomasulo, and data-scientist Kerry Rodden, to gain a deeper understanding of the local environmental and political situation through our creative endeavors. We strive to connect with local environmental and political organizations to develop a project that involves and respects the local community, while raising questions and initiating a dialog about the canal and the pollutants found in it. 

Many environmental battles are being waged In my own San Francisco community, specifically Hunters Point. Both waterways are severely polluted for different reasons. While Hunters Point's pollutants hide out of sight, the shockingly beautiful surface of the Gowanus Canal sits right on the surface, visible to all, providing a platform for conversation about both sites. 

Gowanus Canal surface water contaminants, showing ratio of the maximum detected amount to the NY State standard for drinking water. Carcinogen Benzo(a)pyrene measured at more than 300x standard.
(Data from table E of 2017 Gowanus Canal Public Health Assessment, NY State Department of Health)

Work-in-progress, Gowanus to Hunters Point series (working title)

Collaboration with data scientist Kerry Rodden 

Proposed mode of display: Archival Pigment Print with 25-second Augmented Reality video overlay