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Meet the Artists Event

May 6, 7:30PM

250 Third Street, Downtown Los Altos (the paseo next to Akane restaurant)

This immersive, photographic art installation, in collaboration with technologist Phil Spitler, features California poppies and other indigenous wildflowers printed on aluminum and installed with a glowing aura of lights after dark. The title “Inflorescence” refers to the arrangement of a cluster of flowers on a floral axis, and the process of flowering, but also appropriately suggests fluorescence and light. This is a continuation of a concept inspired by California poppies which are delicate yet resilient survivors that are often the first to return after wildfires, drought, and storms.


The project is installed at 250 Third Street, Downtown Los Altos, CA and was completed in April 2022.

Sponsored by Arts Los Altos. Thank you to Karen Druker and Los Altos donors for your contributions toward this Paseo Project.