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UCSF Fence Project

I created an 8-foot-tall by 400-foot-long vibrant and uplifting photographic mural for the fences surrounding the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay construction site in San Francisco. The murals depicted different icons from the city of San Francisco re-created out of Jell-O. By combining fond memories of childhood treats with familiar landmarks of our glamorous home in this totally improbable way, I hoped to engage the surrounding community and visitors of all ages.

This mural was one of four distinct artworks commissioned by UCSF Medical Center as part of its community-based art project, and was on display for over a year.

Watch as my San Francisco in Jell-O photos cover the 400 ft. long fence along the UCSF Mission Bay construction site. The installation is a part of a project commissioned by the Art Program at UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay. This photo mural was up for over a year in the Mission Bay area.

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