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The Metamorphosis and Memory of Flowers

Augmented Reality installation at Sunnyvale City Hall

This 5’x9’ framed, photo-based installation is one of 4 pieces commissioned and installed at Sunnyvale City Hall in CA, a new, all-electric building. It comes to life through an augmented reality experience, incorporating movement and sound, and was created in collaboration with creative technology artist Phil Spitler.

I was inspired by Sunnyvale’s varied and vibrant character to create this symbolic bouquet of flowers. Each element in the bouquet represents a connection to Silicon Valley. The delicate, yet resilient, California Poppies are some of the first flowers to return after wildfires, Apricot flowers reference the history of orchard farming, and Milkweed highlights the monarch butterfly’s migration through the valley. The distortion of the flowers echoes the movements of wind, fire, and water. The added AR experience amplifies those movements, bringing a third dimension to the flowers that bloom outwards into City Hall.

456 W Olive Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

SunnyvaleIMG_3950_edit (1).jpeg
AR_1678819284646 (1).jpeg

Photo credit: Flee Kieselhorst @FotosByFlee


Photo credit: Flee Kieselhorst @FotosByFlee


Photo credit: Flee Kieselhorst @FotosByFlee


Photo credit: Flee Kieselhorst @FotosByFlee

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