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Cycles of Regeneration

An interactive mural at

477 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA

1: Download the APP to view the Augmented Reality video and sound piece (click on one of the below icons for Apple or Android):

Google Play_en_badge_web_generic_84pixHi

2: Open the Cycles of Regeneration APP

3:  As instructed in the app, stand in front of the mural and line up the red rectangle with the mural. Tap the screen to begin.

4: Move around. Get closer and further away from the mural.

Tip: Make sure your sound is on! 

Interactive Mural poppies and people

About the project:

For this interactive mural, I was inspired by the resilience of the iconic California poppies, which can survive in the harshest conditions and are some of the first flowers to return after wildfires. I transformed my photographs using code that my wife, Kerry Rodden (a programmer and data scientist) created.


The augmented reality app invites viewers to experience the mural in space and time, using programmatic manipulations to evoke the movements of fire, air, and water. Rooted in environmental urgency, this mural also communicates the power of nature to heal and inspire.

App design and visual effects: Phil Spitler
Sound: Conner Jones
JavaScript programming: Kerry Rodden

Thanks to Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels

The temporary murals commissioned by the City of Palo Alto Public Art Program explore themes of resiliency, empathy, healing, cultural diversity and vibrancy, while drawing inspiration from the surrounding site, environment, community, or cultural context. This project aims to foster positive energy, joy and connection to the community, and encourage the public’s enjoyment of Palo Alto’s outdoor spaces.

Visit Palo Alto's interactive map to see where the other seven murals are located, and learn more about each one. 

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